This is where you will find the only animal in the world that does not feel pain

This is where you will find the only animal in the world that does not feel pain

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Imagine that you meet an animal that does not feel pain. This sounds very strange and readable, but it exists, and there is a species in the world that suggests that there is a mammal that, in addition, cannot get cancer and that, in addition, they are alien to acid burns, so they can change the course of many things.

These little animals, the naked mole rat, or as its scientific name Heterocephalus glaber indicates, live in colonies and are some of the most amazing animals on the planet, because in addition, they live in colonies, just like ants, where they have a queen and many soldiers and workers who… They live for it.

It is in the east Africa There are these small animals, which are also called shaved mice, and according to studies conducted by expert scientists, they are resistant to many things because they live in far underground tunnels where there are high concentrations of carbon dioxide.

What does a mouse look like?

According to the work published in Cell reportsThere is a new genetic variation of this animal due to a change in a receptor called TrkA that acts as a lock, because after burns it secretes a protein that blocks pain signals to the brain.

“We think evolution selected this change, which is subtle enough to render pain signals nonfunctional, but not so strong that it poses a danger to the animal,” said Gary Lewin, a researcher at the Max Center for Molecular Medicine. Delbrück (Germany) and co-author of the study.

Where is this animal found?

The naked mole rat lives in countries such as Ethiopia, Somalia and KenyaSince the savannas of East Africa are ideal for them to develop in the best way, they look for a lot of darkness and a low concentration of oxygen, which is why the caves they live in are ideal.

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