The conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Mexican mission highlights ‘historic resolution’ at UN

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine.  Mexican mission highlights ‘historic resolution’ at UN

Mexico’s mission in United nations (United nations) described it as a “historic decision” against which I spoke with 140 other countries Russian aggression against Ukraine.

Through social media, the Mexican diplomacy headed by the ambassador Juan Ramon de la Fuente He praised the vote in which only five countries, including Russia, refused to criticize the attacks that began last Thursday.

And the diplomacy celebrated that “Mexico, along with 140 other countries, agree to a historic resolution on aggression in Ukraine at the United Nations.”

He continued, “There were 5 votes against (Russia, North Korea, Syria, Belarus and Eritrea), and 35 members abstained.”

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Mexico, as de la Fuente announced on Tuesday, voted in favour.

From New York, the ambassador explained that this is due to the fact that the document “contains many of the arguments that we have made in various forums regarding the subject and also includes a clause that we have proposed to leave open the door of diplomacy where the solution to the conflict must finally come.”

To applause, UN members hailed the resolution of the conflict in Ukraine

During the last emergency General Assembly meetings of the United Nations, ambassadors and diplomatic envoys from 141 countries received the Russian ceasefire request with applause.

The 16-point resolution “condemns in the strongest terms the aggression committed by the Russian Federation against Ukraine.”

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It also calls on the Russian Federation to immediately end the use of force against Ukraine.

At the same time, it condemns “all violations of international humanitarian law and violations and abuses of human rights.”

The document urges an immediate peaceful solution to the conflict between the Russian Federation and Ukraine through political dialogue, negotiations, mediation and other peaceful means.

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