The conflict between Ukraine and Russia today January 20, 2022 | latest news

Macron speaks with Zelensky and Putin amid escalating crisis between Ukraine and Russia

the president of France, Emmanuel Macron, in an interview After having a conversation during the day with the Russian leader, Vladimir Putin, he announced with his Ukrainian counterpart, Volodymyr Zelensky, today his office at the Elysee Palace.

The French presidency said, “The telephone interview with President Putin lasted an hour and 45 minutes. The President of the Republic is now in a telephone conversation with President Zelensky.”

Before contacting Putin, the French presidency indicated that this dialogue is part of the ” The last possible and necessary efforts To avoid a major conflict in Ukraine”, at a time of extreme tension.

On Saturday, Macron spoke with Zelensky, who said he would “not respond to provocations” by Russia on the front line with Donbass separatists, according to the French presidency. He also asked Macron to express to Putin “Ukraine’s readiness for dialogue.”

But at a security conference in Munich, Zelensky urged the United States and NATO to abandon Russia’s policy of “appeasement” and increase its military aid to Kiev. But at the same time he asked not to “panic” during the security conference in Munich.

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