The continuation of the Alex Saab case was delayed because the United States did not hand over documents

The continuation of the Alex Saab case was delayed because the United States did not hand over documents
Alex Saab Known For His Relationship With Gold Business In Bolivar

Yesterday, a hearing was held in Miami (USA) for the operation opened by the Colombian-Venezuelan businessman in that country. Judge Robert N. Scola to determine the scheduling of diligence on the part of this country again on August 26. The defendant attended the lawsuit.

The reason for rescheduling the hearing is that the defense does not have enough confidence to carry it out, given that it does not have access to the documents that lie with the US authorities. Delivery of documents will be delayed by many US federal offices Because officers must review and validate all information that will remain as an argument for the defense or the prosecutor’s office.

Before starting the topic calling them for a hearing, the prosecution and defense team discussed Alex Saab who did not attend the hearing due to the lack of a list of documents that should be known to provide. By mutual agreement, the parties decided to ask the judge to reschedule the hearing.

The parties are awaiting receipt of documents held by several US federal agencies, as well More files from Colombia, Venezuela and Cape Verde are still pending.

For its part, the Public Prosecution Office said in this case: The required files are in the ministries of foreign affairs, Justice, National Security, and the FBI, although there are also some elements of great importance that are the CIA. He also emphasized that it is not abnormal that the delivery of documents is delayed due to the authentication that the officers have to do and also because it indicates that there are some classified documents.

In the intervention he had Alex Saab’s defense has stated that they do not trust the access they are allowed to have in the records That they could pay with diplomatic immunity which, according to the prosecution, indicated.

In the course of this short jurisprudence, Judge Robert Scola asked the Public Prosecution Office to do its best, as it relies on this procedure to continue the process, to obtain the required documents. The judge added that the hearings, which are the closest, were postponed on August 26, then on September 16; October 7, 17 and 31 were created and the latest on November 14.

Finally, in accordance with a difficult defense request, in which they requested these documents, Judge Skola asked the Prosecutor’s Office to hand them over to the court. Non-confidential documents that you can collect from the Department of Justice for next August 15th. With regard to the information in the possession of the State Department, the judge asserted that it had no control over this North American state agency.

businessman Alex Saab He has criminal proceedings against him by the United States, in which he faces conspiracy to commit money laundering, He is also accused of being a figurehead of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro. These illegal activities had been carried out by Saab in many countries in the region. In October last year, he was extradited from Cape Verde to the United States to be held accountable for the crime he was accused of.

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