The Depression That Kept Brendan Fraser Away From Cinema

The Depression That Kept Brendan Fraser Away From Cinema

Brendan Fraser received a standing ovation at the Venice Film Festival after his return to acting in “The Whale”.

By Patricio Chavez Varela

Often remembered in films like The Mummy, George of the Jungle, Looney Toones, and Blast from the Past, Brendan Fraser has been a hugely popular actor since the 1990s and early 2000s, and they have come to realize the actor’s absence in recent years. Here we present some of his most famous films and the reason why he missed the big screen.

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Considered one of the best fantasy films of the twenty-first century, nIt tells the story of the discovery of Hamonaptra, the city of the dead, and its discovery by Rick O’Connell, the character of Fraser. Everything is thrown into disarray when Evelyn, a librarian, awakens an Egyptian priest inside a city that was mummified thousands of years ago and now wants to rule the world.

George the forest

It was the best indirect pre-show of Tarzan ever made by Disney. George of the Jungle, released two years before its animated version, tells the story of a man (Fraser) raised by gorillas in the Ugandan jungle. After meeting with a group of humans who had traveled from San Francisco, George met Ursula, a young woman who he ended up falling in love with.

ink heart

It tells the story of a magical land with unicorns and dragons. Which came out of the book where his story was written, when Mortimer Follchart (Brendan Fraser) read it. With many magical creatures freed, Mortimer and his family must stand together to save the world.

Looney Tunes

In this hilarious movie, Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck are joined by Damian (Brendan Fraser) and Kate Hutton (Gina Elfman). The group must embark on an adventure to obtain the “Blue Monkey” diamond, a powerful and inquisitive gem that can turn the world’s inhabitants into primates. This has to happen before product owner ACME gets hold of it and turns the world’s population into monkeys to build their products.

Depression faced by Brendan Fraser

One of the reasons for his temporary withdrawal was due to a surgical intervention that halted the actor’s career due to a laminectomy, which is performed to decompress the structures of the nervous system. In the case of the actor, those from the backbone. Next, he needed lower back surgery, a near-total knee replacement, and finally vocal cord reconstruction.

In addition, the actor recounted an incident that occurred in 2003, when Philip Burke, one of the former presidents of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, offended him. Saeed’s episode left the actor so depressed that he even thought about leaving it completely before he went through all his accidents. Little by little, Brendan had to recover physically and emotionally before returning to the acting world.

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