Trailer | The movie about a terrible crime is shown on HBO Max and managed to raise more than 30 million dollars

Trailer |  The movie about a terrible crime is shown on HBO Max and managed to raise more than 30 million dollars

in hbo max The options in terms of series and movies are increasingly expanding, so we have chosen a movie that will shake you with its story from the first minute; It was first shown on March 11, 2021 and managed to create it with a budget of $30 million.

On this occasion, we will focus on producing a film also in the detective suspense genre, which was written and directed by John Lee Hancock and produced by Hancock and Mark Johnson; It’s titled “Little Things,” or in Spanish, “Little Things,” and it’s now available on HBO Max.

What is the topic of “the little things”?

Set in 1990s Los Angeles, California, this film follows the story of two detectives who find themselves investigating a series of murders, but their careers change after they bring in a stranger who may be guilty of a crime. Plus someone’s past follows him up to this case and begins to emerge, so this fact may jeopardize the investigation to the point of holding it back completely.

The film stars Denzel Washington and Rami Malek. also for Jared LetoChris Power, Michael Hyatt, Terry Kinney, and Natalie Morales.

suspense crime movie

It was originally released in the United States on January 29, 2021 by Warner Bros., and later in theaters simultaneously with streaming service HBO Max, and received mixed reviews from experts in the seventh art who praised the performances, directing, and setting, however, it also highlighted that The script of the film was substandard.

This film earned nominations for Best Supporting Actor at the Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild Awards for Jared Leto and managed to raise $31 million after its premiere; Now it is among the favorites within the crime and suspense genre of the streaming service platform.

The best police movie to watch today on the platform. Photo: HBO Max

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