The director of the Netflix series confirmed the characters that will return in the new season

The director of the Netflix series confirmed the characters that will return in the new season


The second season of squid game Hwang Dong-hyuk has just revealed the actors who have already confirmed the renewal. Are your favorite characters coming back? We tell you!

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In the history of Netflix There have been many hit series, but there is no doubt that one of the best was squid game. section, Originally from South Korea, on the platform last year and attracted thousands of people around the world. With one release of nine episodes, the story, which focused on the economic hardships experienced by many Korean citizens, caused such a stir that Platform He did not hesitate to renew it.

yes! Although it seemed unlikely, given how the first part of squid gamethe league He will return to the broadcast giant. It is still unknown when it will happen or if filming has actually begun, but one thing is for sure: Hwang Dong Hyuk, its creator, is already working on it. That’s because the director just confirmed it Two of the most important characters from the first episodes will return for the next season.

according to LimitAnd Hwang and actor Park Hae-soo, who played Cho Sang-woo in the drama, have already met TV editor Peter White To talk about what the new season will be like. And apparently, during the aforementioned event, The director confirmed that both the protagonist, Ji Hoon and his opponent will return. Despite the fact that their return was not entirely surprising since they were the only ones who survived the events that took place.

As for Gi-hun, at the end squid game 1, decided to travel to the United States to see his daughter, but then returned to put an end to these once-a-year brutal games. On the other hand, the opponent, who is played by actor Lee Byung-hun and presided over organizing the games and watching people die for 45 billion won, will also return.

For his part, Hwang Dong Hyuk explained, “For this project and future projects, it is impossible not to think about the polarization of politics, differences and cultural difficulties. As long as this continues, I will have to note and criticize this type of topic in future projects.This is, by this, he explained it What comes next in the series I’ve been preparing for ten years will be much stronger.

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