Premiere Wednesday, April 13th: Chilean National Parks Featured in a Netflix Documentary Series Narrated by Obama

Premiere Wednesday, April 13th: Chilean National Parks Featured in a Netflix Documentary Series Narrated by Obama

“Our Greatest National Parks” is the name of the five-part production that invites viewers to celebrate and discover the power of the greatest national parks and wild places on our planet.

Traveling from the waters of Monterey Bay in California, through the bright red lands of Tsavo National Park in Kenya, to the immensity of the Patagonian steppes of the Aisne Patagonia National Park, our great Nacionales series of parks is an invitation to connect with the wonders of wildlife around the world.

Across five continents, the production, with its stunning spectacles full of humor and optimism, tells the story of different national parks through the lives of their most brutal inhabitants – whether exceptionally large or small – and explores our changing relationship with nature. The guanacos, the emblematic species of Patagonia National Park, are one of the protagonists of the second chapter that has been recorded in southern Chile.

Over the past year, the production team has spent several weeks learning about the dynamics of wildlife in this protected area and recording various sequences with the support of Fundación Rewilding Chile’s team of professionals and wildlife rangers. It is in this national park that the Tompkins Conservation Legacy Foundation develops the wildlife program, which seeks to enhance the populations of various endangered species in Patagonia. “This series is a recognition of the natural value of the Patagonian National Park and the different species that inhabit it. Today we can observe a large population of peaceful Guanacos that is the result of years of work in reconstruction – or ecological restoration – and our strategy to restore ecosystems In this place its balance after decades of decline due to the activity of livestock.” Sosedo, director of the Foundation for the Reconstruction of Chile’s Wildlife Program.

One of the series’ executive producers is former President Barack Obama, who is better known for protecting public lands and waters than any other U.S. president in history. In addition, he himself is responsible for telling the various moments that give life to this story.

“The fact that Chile’s various protected areas have been featured in a chain of global reach is a source of real pride for the country. In addition to inspiring us with the beauty and biodiversity of our national parks, this is also an urgent call to protect them in the context of the climate crisis and species extinction that we are experiencing,” explained Carolina Morgado, Executive Director of Fundación Rebuilding Chile.

Our Great National Parks, produced by Wild Space in association with High Ground Productions and Freeborne Media, will premiere on Netflix on Wednesday, April 13, and will feature 5 60-minute episodes. On the same day as the premiere, it will be shown in -1 cinemas in Puerto Varas in an open-to-community activity free of charge and with prior registration. More information at official web from Netflix.

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