The Dominican Republic will host Climate Week

The Dominican Republic will host Climate Week

From this Monday, July 18thThe capital of the Dominican Republic will host a meeting where representatives of Latin American and Caribbean countries will have the opportunity to present solutions to the crisis of the Dominican Republic climate change This will help those interested in gaining more knowledge about the phenomenon.

It will become Santo Domingo, according to Max Puigvice president National Climate Change Councilin the “climate capital of Latin America and the Caribbean”, where it will host Regional Climate Weeka prelude to United Nations Conference on Climate Change (COP27)which will be held in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt.

The three themes that form the basis of the event are: resilience to climate risks; The transition to a low-emissions economy and alliances to solve the most pressing challenges. From these topics you will derive more than 120 activities will be conducted during these 5 days in the facilities of the Embajador Hotel.

Motivation for the event? climate change It develops events that endanger life itself on the planet,” Puig explained.

“For 50 years climate change It has become one of the most important issues on the planet. Species are disappearing, the climate is disrupting, a series of phenomena have been exacerbated, and extreme weather events are becoming more frequent, powerful and less predictable, the official said.

He recalled that as part of the preparations for the twenty-seventh session of the Conference of the Parties, two previous meetings had been held, one at the technical level and one at the regional level. Uganda, Japan, and the Dominican Republic are the scenarios in which climate weeks are held in their regions. Puig noted that anyone can participate in the event, however, they must register in order to gain access.

In this sense, when inviting residents, he mentioned that those interested in knowing how to work climate change It affects sectors such as agriculture, in the face of drought and floods, the health sector, construction or youth, in addition to learning about the steps taken by their governments or business models developed in the face of the climate crisis, they have an ideal scenario during this week.

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