The economy realizes that it is not on par with the United States in its energy transition

The economy realizes that it is not on par with the United States in its energy transition

September 6, 2022 | 2:40 pm

Head of the Ministry of Economy (I know), Tatiana Clauther, confirmed it Mexico is going through an energy transitionalthough he admitted that it is not as fast as the United States.

Despite the fact that public policies promoted by President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador prioritized consumption of energy produced by Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex) and the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE), the official emphasized that some Projects focus on new energy sources.

The head of economics explained during her participation in the first bilateral conference of the Mexican American Association that despite the efforts made in the country, the speed of The energy transition cannot be the same as what is happening in the United States.

We produce a certain percentage of carbon dioxide and the speed at which we can go cannot be the same as what is required of us

SE chief indicated.

Among some of the measures focused on producing clean energy, was The rapid growth of solar panels in Sonora, which is expected to allow supply to the state and other areas.

Additionally, Clouthier confirmed that the agency is working on a Electric Mobility Project.

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Controversies about T-MEC

With regard to the differences between the member countries of the Mexico-US-Canada Free Trade Agreement (T-MEC) due to some disagreements, the Minister of Economy said that these “It shouldn’t be exaggerated.”Plus, you have to wait for it to resolve.

Regarding the consultations resulting from the US-Canada disagreement over Mexican energy policy, Clouther commented that due to the idiosyncrasy of the matter, he could not speak of progress.

However, repeat that they still have 75 days to resolve, although the term can be extended.

On the other hand, the official hopes that the conflict based on Interpretation of the rules of origin for cars Between Mexico and Canada against the United States, to be announced next November.

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