The European Union commits €1 million in aid to fight cholera in Haiti

The European Union commits €1 million in aid to fight cholera in Haiti

The European Commission has promised aid to Uganda and Haiti to stem the spread of cholera and Ebola

The European Union commits €1m in aid to fight cholera in Haiti and €3m to fight Ebola in Uganda/Europa Press

The European Commission On Friday, I announced two new aid provisions that have been committed help weak countries To confront serious epidemics, and specifically to support one million euros to contain them Cholera outbreak Discovered in Haiti a month ago and another three million euros to help Uganda stop Ebola infections Which have been registered in the African country since last September.

On the situation in Uganda, Commissioner for Crisis Management, Janiz LenarcicHe said that community services are “exploring all options to provide additional support”.

Of the three million committed, half will go to support the World Health Organization in its coordination and oversight of activities, for example, for Ensure “safe and dignified” burials for those who have died from the virus And provide the necessary care for those who survived the disease.

The remaining money will be received UNICEF For infection prevention and control measures, the International Rescue Committee to attend The most vulnerable population is in refugee camps.

As for Haiti, the executive branch of the community wants to contribute to the efforts of humanitarian organizations in the region and help «Rapid reactivation of interaction mechanisms and infrastructuresIt came into effect during the previous epidemic, the Commissioner noted.

These funds will also intensify Supervision of the condition and care of patientsas well as improving coordination and response with state authorities.

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