The European Union condemns the “unacceptable” attacks on Juan Guaido in Venezuela

The European Union condemns the “unacceptable” attacks on Juan Guaido in Venezuela
An angry Chavestas brutally attacked Juan Guaido last Saturday in Cojedes state

The European Union rejected, on Wednesday, the attack on the Venezuelan opposition leader, Juan Guaido, last weekend while meeting with his team in a restaurant in the state of Cojedes.

“Attacks on main opponent Juan Guaido and his team during a trip to Cogedes state are unacceptable. We look forward to an urgent investigation to bring the perpetrators to justice.”Peter Stano, Principal Spokesperson for the European External Action Service (EEAS), a department headed by the European Union’s High Representative for Foreign Affairs, Josep Borrell.

“Respect for all political and civil actors, including opposition members and journalists, is fundamental to strengthening Venezuelan dialogue”The European Union’s Foreign Service said in a statement.

In this sense, European diplomacy has insisted on it ‘Strong support’ for pro-democracy political forces in Venezuela He reiterated that the only way out of the crisis in the country is through dialogue that leads to “credible, comprehensive and transparent” parliamentary and presidential elections.

Last Saturday, a group of people entered the establishment and scolded Guido by insulting him, pushing him, and even throwing chairs, tables and other things at him, as evidenced by several videos broadcast on social media. Guaido emphasized that the aggression was “Ambush” by Nicolas Maduro’s regimeAnd the Although he later clarified that he did not suffer serious injuries and that he was able to return to Caracas without major setbacks.

The interim Venezuelan president was attacked at the Moringa restaurant

And on Saturday, June 4, Guaido had already denounced that several militants who identified themselves as “revolutionaries” and who chanted “Long live Chavez” actually boycotted his leadership. in the state of ZuliaIn the west of the country, began a confrontation with his followers.

Despite the attacks he suffered on the past two Saturdays, Guaido confirmed on Tuesday that he would continue to do street work in Venezuela. He warned that “bullets, stones, threats to prisons, raids and intimidation will not deserve to be taken off the streets to fulfill and respect our duty, and that is the purpose of what we will continue to do.” Conference in Caracas.

With information from EFE and EuropaPress

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