Vladimir Putin: Video of the Russian President will cast doubt on his health

Vladimir Putin: Video of the Russian President will cast doubt on his health
Vladimir Putin: Video of the President of Russia may question his health
Putin’s video sparked speculation about his health. Photo: Agence France-Presse

Russian President Vladimir PutinPresident of Russia, apparently can be in Health problems After a video of him was revealed.

Through photos shared on social networks, He wondered what the Russian president looked like during a party Where he presented the State Prize of the Russian Federation to director Nikita Mikhailov.

Putin’s two men are trembling, and his feet appear unsteady, prompting further speculation about his health. Says posting Mike Sington, former CEO of NBC.

in the video, Putin was seen rocking several times during his speechHowever, Russian television media indicated that he was only extending his legs.

On the other hand, the Telegram channel known as General SVRrun by the alleged former KGB officer Viktor Mikhailovich, pointed out that Putin’s doctors asked him not to take part in the events for more than an hour and a half, Which confirms that it appears that he is not in good health.

Vladimir Putin’s health

Months ago, it became a file health of the president of Russia, It was Multiple rumors targetwhich refers to deterioration appears.

in April from this year, The video clip raised doubts and sparked rumors about Vladimir Putin’s precarious health. In the circulating picture social networks, can be seen in Russian President Holds a table with his right hand for 11 minutes and 28 seconds, b curved positionAnd the rigid gestures and with one Tense facial expressions.

However, the Kremlin he has flatly denied That the Russian president find sick It is even assumed good health s Fitness the man.

Who is the president of Russia?

in the back of Russian President Vladimir Putin, This Russian figure who has brought the international community to the brink due to the military operation in Ukraine, has an amazing past given that he was present in many military conflicts. Before he became a politician, he was a spy and the path that brought him to power in Russia was ascendant.

born in St Petersburgon October 7, 1952. He is the son of Vladimir s Maria Putin. An Orthodox Christian lawyer graduated from Leningrad University in 1975.

Upon graduating from university, he joined Intelligence Agency of the Secret Police of the Soviet Unionknown as KGBwhere Russian President Vladimir Putin He was responsible for foreign intelligence operations.

There were no significant events in his private life in subsequent years. In 1983, put it in get married with Lyudmila Shkrebnevaa former flight attendant and six years later left active duty at KGB to return to Leningradwhere He worked at his old university.

His big break came on December 31, 1999, when Boris Yeltsinresigned unexpectedly and in accordance with the Constitution of Russia, Russian President Vladimir Putin became interim president. Already President of Russia He ruled for two terms (2000-2004 and 2004-2008).

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