Fans looked devastated after Peru lost to Australia

Fans looked devastated after Peru lost to Australia

Peru Can’t win against him Australia To be able to go to FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 And you will have to follow it from your home screen. The result cast sadness on the people of Peru, as they had a dream of being able to attend a party Globalism.

Through social media, a video spread of three Peruvian fans crying for not being able to qualify for the maximum selection tournament. Two young men were in their arms and another young man was on the ground crying.

They said “fucked”. “Oh my God,” they lamented. The ugly feeling of not being able to see your country in world Cup I dropped them in a very strong way.

In the said video, another young man, standing without understanding what happened, is seen telling him to block a woman, who was definitely about to lift the young man off the ground and calm him down, but she had to vent.

Peru He stayed on the road after a missed penalty. The press in that country also lamented the fact and sad faces were seen on television.

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