The five majors that offered the most places in ENARM 2021

The five majors that offered the most places in ENARM 2021

With delays and last minute changes but in the end Results have been published National Examination of Applicants for Medical Residency (ENARM) 2021. Although, unlike previous occasions, there have now been adjustments in the process that have raised doubts among applicants. But now that the papers of these selectors have been revealed, it is time to analyze some of the details as the majors that offered the most places.

Reagents prepared for this year’s exam

In the first place, as happened in 2020, the Ministry of Health (SSa) and the Ministry of National Defense (Sedena) set high standards of safety and reliability in the design, selection and protection of reagents, as well as electronic documents of devices containing examinations to ensure the principles of transparency, honesty, integrity and quality of the entire process.

For its part, ENARM 2021 has been completely renewed to prepare 5923 technically and educationally approved reagents. This ensures that its content is of quality and responds to the health needs of the population.

This amount of reagents allowed the generation of six different versions of the tests that were applied in the official places and at the specified times. Although unlike in years past, it is now only three days with morning and evening schedules.

Who Created ENARM 2021?

The renewal of ENARM 2021 included the participation of 130 specialists and translators from 41 educational and health institutions from 10 states, 11 specialists in pedagogy and psychology, and academic coordinators.

So far, the Inter-Agency Committee for Training of Human Resources in Health (CIFRHS) has not announced the number of applicants for this year. Although if 50,448 physicians attended ENARM 2020, it is estimated that the number is now higher.

while from Statistics revealed It is possible to see which majors offered the most places in ENARM 2021. Based on the official information, these are:

  • Internal Medicine – 2.275
  • General Surgery – 1851
  • Anesthesia – 1738
  • Emergency Medicine – 1666
  • Pediatrics – 1359

Although there are some clarifications to be made. The numbers correspond only to the category of Mexican doctors. While the second is that CIFRHS states that they are not final results. There are still applicants in the specialization selection process, so the number of each option may increase in the following days.

In this way, a trend similar to that of recent versions is maintained. Usually the same options are those with larger areas for training professionals.

Meanwhile, the process now continues until applicants who have passed the test can choose the hospital of their choice. Finally, on March 1, 2022, the course in which they will become R1 will begin to continue their professional training.

What do you think of the majors that offered the most places in ENARM 2021?

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