The diet and exercise that turned Mohamed Salah into a world football star

Mohamed Salah has changed his fitness in recent years (Reuters / Peter Powell)

A few years ago, Mohamed Salah has become one of the best strikers in the world. Since Jürgen Klopp’s arrival at LiverpoolThe Egyptian was empowered by the German coach’s way of playing. But besides his quick adaptation to the former Borussia Dortmund scheme, the forward has strengthened his technique thanks to individual work.

Salah changed his body thanks to Special diet and training that includes various complementary specialties to the tasks you perform on the playing field. “Nutrition is very important, it’s part of the game. It helped me with my recovery, allowed me to sleep better and helped my body adapt quickly,” the Nagrid native admitted, in an interview with the chain. CNN.

“The dietitian says that since I have no body fat, I can eat whatever I want. Salah, who follows a systematic menu that allows him to perform at his best, added. For breakfast, choose to eat paratha – puffed flat bread – accompanied by a a glass of milk. And in the event that it remains an appetite, she adds seasonal fruit platter.

The Egyptian striker trains in the gym frequently (Instagram)
The Egyptian striker trains in the gym frequently (Instagram)

In the case of lunch, the 29-year-old soccer player tends to accumulate calories. He loves lentils and vegetables and his favorite meat is chicken. Also, it is normal that once you are done eating, you eat a cup of yogurt.

Despite this diet, There is a dish that he reveals to Salah. It is an Egyptian specialty called Koushari It is made of rice, pasta and lentils and topped with spiced tomatoes, chickpeas and onions. When I go back to Egypt, I call my friend from the airport to buy koshary so we can eat in the car. I put on my hoodie, get in the car and eat it right away,” he once said of the dish he enjoys most.

To finish your day, opt for soup, salad, and grilled vegetables for dinner. You will have these meals with a glass of fresh, unsweetened fruit juice. When he can, Mo is happy to be allowed his favorite food: Pizza.

Salah loves to swim (Instagram)
Salah loves to swim (Instagram)

Besides his strict diet, Salah is also known to train in different ways. According to the British newspaper the sunAnd The Egyptian likes to get up early and do weight lifting or body weight exercises. To that, he’s adding sessions of yoga, swimming and stretching to recover after assignments with Liverpool faster.

As a follower of the Islamic faith, Mo also has to go through Ramadan, which is the period of thirty days in which you fast and do not engage in other activities from sunrise to sunset. Salah himself appeared on social media, training in the gym during the early morning hours, to take advantage of the time.

So far in the 2021-2022 season, Salah has shown why he is considered one of the strikers of the moment. Score 10 goals in the same number of Premier League matches Which Liverpool did not lose with six wins and four draws. Klopp’s team has 22 points and is three points behind leaders Chelsea. For their part, in the Champions League, the Anfield men have a perfect result in Group B with 12 points. They have won all four of their matches and have already qualified for the Round of 16. In the said competition, Egypt’s top scorer has 5 wins.

The Liverpool striker enjoys showing his body on social media (Instagram)
The Liverpool striker enjoys showing his body on social media (Instagram)

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