A mass of hair was discovered in the stomach of a Puerto Rican pediatric patient


A gastric bezoar that extends into the intestine is made up of hair, mucus, and decaying food fragments.

The dough weighs about 150 grams.

bezoar Mass A solid from an indigestible substance that builds up in the digestive tract, sometimes causing obstruction. Bezoars generally form in the stomach, sometimes in the stomach Intestine thin or rare Intestine thick. It can form in children and adults.

Exactly what is called Rapunzel syndrome is an unusual form Triple intestinal bezoar extending into the intestine and consisting of hair, mucus, and decomposing food fragments, as found in a Puerto Rican infant.

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As reported exclusively by Dr. Umberto Lugo Vicente, Professor at the Campus of Medical Sciences and practicing pediatric surgeon at St. George’s Children’s Hospital, a patient who underwent surgery demonstrated a large epigastric mass, swelling, regurgitation, nausea, vomiting, epigastric pain, hematemesis, and fatigue Anemia and malnutrition, among other symptoms, are caused by an eating disorder called pica.

Bezoars generally form in the stomach, sometimes in the stomach Intestine thin or rare Intestine thick. They can form in children and adults and are classified according to their constituent substance:

  • The Plant bezoars are made up of fibers Non-digestible food items such as cellulose.

  • Trichobezoars (such as those recorded in this case) are It is made up of hair or fibers It looks like hair, like carpet or clothing fibers. In severe cases, known as “Rapunzel syndrome,” compressed fibers can fill the stomach with a kind of tail that extends up to Intestine Medium build. Rapunzel Syndrome More Common in teenage girls.

  • The Pharmaceutical bezoars consist of medicines It does not dissolve properly in the digestive tract.

  • “In these scenarios, the patient will hardly want to eat because those foods will compete with them On the table It is created in the stomach. So you will prefer liquid things. This patient preferred to drink milk little by little, which led her to an acute nutritional state because she was not consuming enough iron, she went into anemia, and started losing weight. When he touched his stomach, he felt Mass “It doesn’t hurt,” the specialist explained.

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    On the table This baby weighs about 150 grams. In addition to poetry, in On the table The surgeon revealed that a doll’s hair had been found.

    “It is essential to prevent this from happening again after it has been completely removed On the table. It is recommended to quickly combine the treatment of this patient with a Specialist in psychology or psychiatry. Pica affective disorder in these patients needs constant monitoring.”

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