The girl receives an amount of 796 Lebanese dinars after her limbs are amputated

The girl receives an amount of 796 Lebanese dinars after her limbs are amputated

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A girl whose limbs were amputated due to a medical error that prevented her from receiving adequate care after she was admitted to the hospital due to… Meningitis He won a lawsuit and will be compensated with 39 million euros (about 796 million 159 thousand 260 Mexican pesos).

According to the newspaper BBCThe minor was treated at Frimley Park Hospital in Surrey, England, and although her symptoms could indicate meningitis, doctors only prescribed paracetamol and discharged her from the hospital. not recovering, He returned to the clinic and was diagnosed with meningococcal septicemiadue to which he suffered multiple organ failure.

The lack of proper care resulted in the amputation of both her legs above the knee and her arms above the elbow. Her family sued, arguing that if she was treated urgently with antibiotics, She was not very ill and saved herself from amputation.

A Supreme Court judge said he would agree to a settlement that compensation be paid, in part in a lump sum and The rest is in annual payments for the rest of your life.

While the girl’s legal representative said that “no amount of money can truly compensate for her injuries, she will get the care and technology she needs.”

He praised the girl and her family, and said: “Money cannot return your daughter to normal, But you can secure your future.

spokesperson The NHS said it was sorry for the plaintiff’s injuries and “we understand that no amount of money could make up for them in full,” but “we are pleased and hopeful that the agreement has been agreed upon.” The agreed damages ensure that the plaintiff can live independently as possible in the future.”


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