The government asked the United States for money from the International Monetary Fund and received an encouraging response

The government asked the United States for money from the International Monetary Fund and received an encouraging response

Outside the political debate in the Western Hemisphere, the top of the americas For the government it became the perfect place to “pass the hat”. Officials from various ministries took advantage of the Fourth Summit of CEOs of the Americas, held on the sidelines of the Heads of State Meeting, at the Intercontinental Hotel, to advance negotiations on new investments.

Within the framework of finding funding for strategic projects, and in turn, preferring to accumulate reserves to conform to the program agreed upon with International Monetary Fund (International Monetary Fund), Argentina reissued a discussion that began a month ago with the Special Envoy for Climate Change in the White House, John KerryWith the aim of obtaining new capital for an economy hungry for foreign exchange.

Secretary of Strategic Affairs, Gustavo PleaseMinister of Climate Change, Cecilia NicoliniIn Los Angeles, he spoke with former Secretary of State Barack Obama and asked him for a specific answer to a question that had been raised some time ago.

The government is training with the United States to launch the “OPEC Food”.

The government intends that the United States, the largest contributor to the International Monetary Fund, will enable the multilateral credit organization to allocate a portion of its capital in the form of Special Drawing Rights (SDR) to financing the Multilateral Development Bank..

In particular, ranking aims to increase items for American Development Bank (IDB) and CAF, two of the most diligent institutional lenders in the country of Argentina, and that they have recapitalized the transfer of funds in the form of credits to Argentina and other countries to finance businesses favoring the energy transition.

The Argentine holds a key position in multilateral banking and manages a $1 billion portfolio with the government

A month ago, Kerry took the Argentine proposal with him and promised to study it with Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen. Currently, Kerry’s comments were encouraging: he confirmed that he sees “very tangible” progress in this direction. On the part of the North American delegation, they avoided commenting on the matter.

The Argentine proposal comes at the expense of the stalemate in which the request for recapitalization of the Islamic Development Bank has been significantly reduced since the beginning of the Biden administration, given the lack of agreement between the Democratic and Republican party blocs in Congress.

Summit of the Americas: Biden unveils action plan with Argentina

Moreover, the main regional lender, the Islamic Development Bank, is practically paralyzed in its conduct due to the complaint against its owner, the Cuban-American. Mauricio Claver Caronedue to alleged abuses of authority and unethical behavior at the head of the entity.

Claver Karouni arrived at the organization months before Donald Trump left the presidency of the United States, after defeating Blaise himself, who had been looking forward to running that bank.

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