The hippopotamus escapes from its habitat, the guard stops it by slapping it

The hippopotamus escapes from its habitat, the guard stops it by slapping it
The hippopotamus escapes from its habitat, the guard stops it by slapping it
Photo: Cuartoscuro/Illustrative.

A video of a zoo in India is circulating on social networks The hippopotamus is trying to escape from its habitat evading the restriction and security zone; at that moment, a policeman stops him with his hands, Slapped the animal so that Get back where you belong.

Powerful images of a hippopotamus In a zoo in India, they have gone around the world, creating a discussion of social networks among Visitor safety and, on the other hand, animal abuse.

What happens in the hippo video?

Hippo bypass the safety zone disturbing to visitors Zoo in India, who were in the afternoon with the family. Pictures show how The animal is trying to get out of the small lake Where are you, cross the security barriers. A guard approaches the area And trying to lower the mammal with his hands, the animal feels the blow and reacts Open your jaw. The policeman steps aside. but, insist on animal control, So he turns to the other side and hits him again Another smack.

Hippo remains in the same place and He responds to every blow of the officer, People around them watched the event in surprise, some registering and remaining motionless. Finally, the policeman with signs of mammals shows where it is, arrival and return to their home country.

Feedback on social networks

users on social networks They had a discussion about The guard worked to stop the animalSome support him and consider him a brave person to stop what could have been a tragedy, others comment on the lack of training to control animals, since the public servant. a hit.

Recommendations to avoid animal attacks

Some recommendations for Avoid and prevent animal attack We are:

  • It is important to be aware of your surroundings. Pay attention to any signs of animal activity, such as noises, tracks, roars, etc.
  • Do not approach wild animals. They can perceive your presence as threatening and offensive. Keep a safe distance and avoid getting close
  • Learn all you can about the animals in the area you are in. Learn about their habits, behavior, and warning signs
  • avoid entering the natural habitats of animals, Like their burrows or nests. If you are in an area known to have dangerous animals, it is best to avoid that area altogether.
  • Be prepared: Carry a first aid kit with you in case of an emergency. Know the local emergency numbers Have a plan of action in the event of an animal attack.

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