Wait for the end of Title 42 to rise

Wait for the end of Title 42 to rise

Nuevo Casas Grandes. – One of the municipalities in the Northwest most awaiting the end of Title 42, due Thursday, May 11 at 11:59 p.m., is Ascensión, which has endured the onslaught of more than 3,000 immigrants expelled by the United States at the Puerto Palomas de Villa border.

“We are waiting for this political situation in the United States to end, with the opportunity to grant asylum to migrants and then be able to close the shelter that we had to create in Puerto Palomas de Villa to take care of them,” warned the Director of Civil Protection, Edgar Sail Carrillo Apodaca.

Of the total of those who were expelled by the United States across the border with Ascension, the official explained, only 10 percent of the migrants are from other countries such as Colombia, El Salvador, Venezuela and other South American countries, while 90 others. Percent are Mexican citizens who come from other states of the Republic.

Among the migrants from Central America, the Director of Civil Protection of Asuncion indicated that although most of them would try to return to the United States, others give up and choose to return to their countries of origin, for which the municipal government of Asuncion. Itself, in agreement with the Ómnibus de México company, offers them a discount so that the return is less expensive.

However, in the shelter that was created on the instructions of the mayor, Yvonne de la Hoya Venzor, there are still some what the municipal official said, “they don’t know what to do”, and they have been inside a shelter for a month, these are 4 Venezuelans and 4 Hondurans.

“We know that it is costly to focus resources on taking care of foreigners who come to our municipality, but we must make it clear that the strategy is correct, because taking care of these people in a very vulnerable situation is first of all a humane act, and on the one hand, on the other hand, the residents will agree that it is If we don’t focus on them, they will wander the streets, distracted and we will start to have bigger problems of insecurity,” concluded Edgar Sayle Carrillo Apodaca.

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