The importance of opportunity for all

The importance of opportunity for all

The important role of companies

Social sustainability is also associated with Expanding opportunities for allin the present and the future. Along with economic and environmental sustainability, they are key to reducing poverty and promoting shared prosperity.

Social well-being is a fundamental goal in the sustainability of the planet and companies have a very important role to play in it. His way of communicating with communities Where they work is essential to achieving this and the development of society.

Spanish companies are at the forefront in this matter. As reported by the Instituto Coordenadas de Gobernanza y Economía Aplicada, nine out of ten large Spanish companies report their social responsibility and sustainability policies in their annual reports; 29% perceive the effect Climate change in your work, but you do not define it; More than half of large companies apply validation models to their actions in responsibility and sustainability, and eight out of ten recognize human rights as a business issue.

Butinclusive For a company that adheres to its social responsibility?

  • How the company’s activities affect people is considered.
  • It is about preventing business from incurring a human cost.
  • The safety and welfare of workers will be pursued.
  • Your health or the health of the communities will not be compromised.

A financially strong company that respects workers’ rights and is committed to preserving the environment will produce more satisfied and productive workers, more loyal customers and suppliers, and a community willing to support it in difficult situations. probably A more profitable and less risky project in the long run.

There are many examples. company Oaradevoted to the sale of mineral water, cooperates at the same time with Water Purification in certain places. This work is carried out through collaboration with several NGOs such as Ayuda en Acción. The company also works Recycling and improve energy consumption. also Filmmayor Millsa leading Spanish SME because it has chosen consensus and democratic decision-making, and so has chosen Stable employment policy: 95% of workers are permanent. also straight edge, an Italian insurance company that provides a public service and contributes 1% of its profits to health support projects and the protection of excluded minors. In addition, it promotes donating between 5 and 10% of its commissions.

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