The International Meeting on Social Entrepreneurship 2022 – Manuel Laredo J.

The International Meeting on Social Entrepreneurship 2022 – Manuel Laredo J.

In the month of Cochabamba, our city has been the heart of social innovation in the world, since the International Meeting on Social Entrepreneurship organized by the University Network ELANET and Equalisi, which aims to bring together social entrepreneurs, academics and decision-makers.

At the event, over 130 participants from Bulgaria, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, India, Uganda, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela presented various investigations, success stories and global developments on the impact of technology-based entrepreneurship, yet generating positive social and environmental impact with a vision for economic development.

In this sense, Saint-Simon University, through the Technology Transfer Unit, has been a high-ranking host, holding exhibitions of entrepreneurship and cultural events and presenting various investigations, the same investigations promoted by the Master of Innovation and Development, jointly promoted with Scientific Research between the Swedish Agency For International Development Cooperation, Sida. It also provided a joint collaboration between Banana Pack and researchers from UMSS, enabling the production of a prototype biopolymer for use in biodegradable packaging. This has shown that it is possible to develop synergies between the university and the private sector to advance applied research.

On the other hand, we social entrepreneurs have also had the opportunity to make our voices heard. For this purpose, a panel discussion was held, in which four social entrepreneurs conducted a discussion moderated by the President of the Catholic University of Tarija, José Luisa, where it was possible to highlight the advances in this sector and, likewise, diagnose the needs of the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Society in Bolivia .

A comprehensive regulation has been introduced allowing the promotion of entrepreneurship from the point of view of demand, financing from competitive funds, increased outreach to the community, academia, support activities, and mentoring by the entrepreneurs themselves.

But I think one of the highlights of this event, in addition to the reception and closing events on the rooftop at Urban Group, was the demonstration of a critical mass in Cochabamba and Bolivia intending to use technology to improve quality. The lives of Bolivians who are striving every day to stop being simple people and become active citizens.


Manuel Laredo Garnica

Social Entrepreneur in Circular Economy

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