The magic of women | Globalism

The magic of women |  Globalism

We are dedicating ourselves today to thinking about this complementary being of a man: the woman! We’ll bring famous quotes from the celebrities of this space that describe their essence. Talks abound this month, and messages highlight the value of women in all areas of society, from childbearing and caring for the family. Its insistence on gaining space and rights to become the generator of fundamental changes that have affected all parts of the world.

Some of these phrases served to shed light on the writers’ pen, who will continue to highlight women for a long time.

Here’s a record of inspiration for premium rates:

“There is a woman at the beginning of everything.” (Alphonse de Lamartine).

“A life without a woman is pure prose.” (Robin Dario).

“In every country I have visited, from Sweden to Uganda, and from Singapore to Mali, I have realized that when women are respected and given the freedom to fulfill their dreams and aspirations, life improves for everyone. The world.” (Helen Mirren)

“Any woman who understands the problems of running a home is very close to understanding the problems of running a state.” (Margaret Thatcher)

“Our men believe that earning money and giving orders are the basis of strength. They do not believe that power is in the hands of a woman who takes care of everyone throughout the day and gives birth.” (Malala Yusavzai, Pakistani activist).

“In my house, I am in charge, but my wife makes the decisions.” Woody Allen

“Anyone who wants to see their business flourish, consult his wife.” Benjamin Franklin

“If diplomacy is missing, turn to women.” Carlo Goldsoni

“Without a woman’s smile there is no perfect glory for a man.” Jose Marti

“Every woman is a mother even if she does not have children.” Jose Narosky

“A woman can change a man’s life path.” Severo Ochoa

“A woman’s spirit and intelligence are in her heart.” (Remy de Gormont)

“A woman’s intuition is more accurate than a man’s certainty.” (Rudyard)

“If there is something under the moon that deserves appreciation and appreciation, it is the good woman. And comparing her to the sun itself does not shine and the stars are dark.” (Fray Louis de Leon)

“Men want to be a woman’s first love: women, the smarter ones, want to be a man’s last love.” (Oscar Wilde)

“The man is looking for happiness, and the woman is waiting for it.” (Seneca)

“Everything in women is a heart.” (explicit)

And they bring them messages:

“Keep working even though everyone expects you to quit smoking. Don’t let the iron in you rust.” (Mother Teresa of Calcutta)

“You should never crawl when you have the urge to fly.” (Helen Keller)

It’s not looks, it’s the essence. It’s not money, it’s education. It’s not clothing, it’s class. (Coco Chanel)

“The impossible does not exist for women, it only takes time to achieve it.” Carolina Herrera

“A woman is like a tea bag: You will never know how strong it is until you put it in hot water.” (Eleanor Roosevelt).

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