The Ministry of Science will not involve more bureaucracy | News

The Ministry of Science will not involve more bureaucracy |  News

The head of the Peruvian Institute of Nuclear Energy (IPEN), Modesto Montoya, said that the creation of a Ministry of Science and Technology would not mean more bureaucracy, and called on the political class to support the proposal.

In an interview with Andean AgencyHe pointed out that with a ministry of this type no more bureaucracy would be created, but rather the existing ministry would be empowered, to make it positive in favor of increasing scientific production.

“Concytec, for example, has a bureaucracy in the good sense of the word, and you have to empower it, improve it,” he said.

Montoya emphasized that with a ministry, decisions would be made at the highest level on science and technology, and every July 28 the population would be held accountable for the progress made.

The world summoned the political class to support this initiative.

“We are the country that is least invested in science in the region. Politicians, regardless of their leanings, must understand that scientific knowledge can save us,” he emphasized.

“The countries that have advanced the most are those that have invested in science and technology that are attracting investors. Science is the capital of the future,” Montoya added.

This week, the government created a multi-sectoral working group, of a temporary nature, that would prepare a bill to create, organize and function for a ministry in the field of science, technology and innovation.

It will be chaired by the Secretary of the General Department of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers (PCM) and IPEN will appear as a member. You will have until October 31 to submit your proposal.


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Publication date: 9/25/2021

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