The new role of companies with a spirit to generate social welfare and rejuvenate the planet

The new role of companies with a spirit to generate social welfare and rejuvenate the planet

We are entering an era where social inequality and environmental degradation shape the political and economic agenda. For this reason, Europe has taken the lead, in the face of the Asian productive machine and American technological innovation, and has become an element of global leadership and protectionism.

Right now, many companies are starting their own journey of social impact, through isolated sustainability policies, CSR, ESG, or whatever each company calls it. Some have even begun to bear in mind the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – the roadmap to the grand challenges facing humanity. However, this is not enough. Because you should not have a foundation, or be on time co-operative in solidarity care. It is not a fashion, but it should be a corporate must-have.

The company cannot be an entity isolated from the challenges of human progress, quite the contrary, it must be an engine of progress and well-being. It must be conscious, have a soul, create social welfare and contribute to the renewal of our environmental problems. Some understand the true dimension of this fact, but few understand the significant economic and value impact that this entails for a company.

in my book, Companies that grow with soul (Profit, 2023), I’m talking exactly about that, who How to succeed in business through social and environmental impact. My suggestion is that companies, guided by a new kind of leadership, review their fundamentals and transform themselves to play the role society needs around the world. That is, companies They must transform this isolated or trendy approach to social impact, to be part of their business strategyof your DNA.

To reach this goal, The leader must have a purposeLong-term business vision. When someone has this vision, within the framework of the social and environmental revolution we are going through, they are able to integrate this strategy into the center of their business and not leave it aside like a department or an organization. Companies that don’t do this will soon face complications related to access to capital, legislative penalties, problems attracting and retaining talent, and commercial difficulties with consumers and/or other companies, whose demand and awareness is growing.

On the other hand, it must be the owner of the business able to direct your company, not only for results, which are very important, but also for generating a positive impact on society and the environment as a driver of well-being. This is a company with capital letters. In fact, I would go even further, those who earn the most should be those who do the best in social and environmental terms. Therefore, I believe that there are no boundaries between business and social impact, they are directly related. Business that has no social purpose, that enriches the few, should not exist at the expense of the many and the degradation of the planet. That doesn’t seem fair to me.

Unfortunately, we are only trained to make money, and the media, as well as stereotypes of success, are based solely on how much you have, not how you got it. key in We are re-educating ourselves in a new, more conscious capitalism, which puts people and the planet at the center, and where everyone starts from the same prospects for progress. I’m a meritocracy, but let’s give everyone the option to succeed in life.

It is imperative that the origin of the capital, the shareholders and the owners of the companies redefine their success and not base it on making money only, but that it should be the result of a higher goal, with an emphasis on social and social well-being. Planet, make a positive impact. Cultural change is necessary.

There is another way to make money, another way to be successful in business: care for the environment, care for people, care for society. Not all is well. It is a brave path, where technology and innovation play a leading role, but it is undoubtedly a winner in the medium and long term. Fortunately, we have great examples of successful companies and entrepreneurs who, thanks to this new vision, not only have more solid and stronger companies, but have themselves achieved excellence, giving meaning to their role as business leaders and as human beings.

the Companies that grow with soul In short, they are those who have been able to take another step in the evolution of organizations and take action, putting economic performance and social impact on the same level. I dream of building a world where corporations generate social welfare and renew our planetmaking it a better place every day.

a world in which governments and corporations support companies that “do well” as opposed to those that focus their efforts “only” on economic performance; A world where success is not the most costly, but one that shapes your purpose and your business decisions to leave humanity and the planet in a higher state. I dream that Spain and its brilliant group of entrepreneurs will lead this new conscious economic modelto transform the global economy.

*** Ángel Bonet is the CEO of the first ever strategic consulting firm specializing in sustainability (Trascendent) and one of the 40 best futurists according to Forbes magazine.

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