The number of Ecuadoreans arrested trying to enter the United States illegally has decreased

The number of Ecuadoreans arrested trying to enter the United States illegally has decreased
Nearly 10,000 Ecuadoreans have attempted to enter the United States illegally. (Reuters/Carlos Brea/File)

In January this year, 9113 Ecuadorian immigrants They are arrested at a US border by Border Patrol agents for attempting to enter the US illegally. Although the number shows the drama of the thousands of people trying to achieve the “American Dream,” according to data from US Customs and Border Protection. There is a decrease in detection of Ecuadorians compared to December 2022, when 16,304 Ecuadorean nationals tried to enter and were deported, expelled or arrested.

As explained by the US Bureau of Border Protection, expelled citizens are returned to the country of last transit, in this case Mexico: “In the event that a person cannot be returned to the country of last transit, CBP works with interagency partners to ensure that the person is transferred to the person’s country of origin and detained for the shortest possible time,” explained on the entity’s official website.

According to the organization 1800 immigrantsEcuador will receive up to three flights, carrying between 600 and 800 migrants, each week. This estimate coincides with what the Acting Under Secretary for Border and Immigration Policy at the United States Department of Homeland Security said, Blas Nunez Netowho mentioned it Ecuador is one of the countries with the highest number of expelled immigrants’ flights or have been deported for attempting to enter the North American country illegally. Although he did not indicate how many deportation flights had taken place, the US official expressed concern about the thousands of Ecuadoreans who make irregular journeys to the United States that involve passage through the Darien Forest.

Immigrants of different nationalities are trying to enter the United States, in El Paso, Texas. (Reuters / Paul Ratje)

Although thousands of Ecuadoreans have attempted to enter the United States illegally, data from the Office of Border Protection indicates that in January, Ecuador It is the seventh country in Central and South America whose citizens are detained at the borders of the United States. The first nationality with the most border encounters is Mexicanfollowed by compatriots Venezuelathose who GuatemalaAnd CubaAnd HondurasAnd Colombia Then Ecuador. wavs PeruAnd NicaraguaAnd savior And Brazil They did not reach 5,000 records of deportations, expulsions or detentions in January of this year.

Reports from Ecuadorian authorities and journalists from that country have warned of a new wave of perilous migration whose overland route passes through the jungle. Darrenwhich is a step between Colombia And Panama which has become a route for illegal immigrants.

immigration authorities in Panama They noted that, after the Haitians, most of the migrants crossing the Darien Forest are Ecuadoreans. Darien is a forest located between northeastern Colombia and southwestern Panama. Tiene 575,000 hectares and aunque es Patrimonio de la Humanidad desde 1981, the migration riesgosa, las mafias que operan allí y los animales de la zona, the han convertido in one of the los puntos more peligrosos for los viajeros of varias nacionalidades that buscan llegar a los United State.

After the Haitians, the immigrants crossing the Darién Jungle are Ecuadoreans. (EFE / Mauricio Duenas Castaneda)

In October last year, the Ecuadorian authorities, in conversation with infobaeThey expressed concern about An increase in the number of migrants taking irregular and risky journeys. One warning is that the number of family groups choosing this migration each time leads to more children And slim pregnant.

Migrants crossing the Darien River make a months-long journey that forces them to traverse nearly seven countries to try to enter the United States. Travelers leave and transit Ecuador through the northern border Rumichaca Bridge towards Colombia. Then they travel the country from south to north even Nikokliwhere they take boats to cross into Panama and begin to walk across Darren.

According to the Red Cross of Panama, approximately 15 out of every 100 migrants suffer sexual assault while crossing the bush. Between April 2021 and August 2022, MSF documented 400 cases of sexual abuse of migrants in Darien.

In a recent televised report by journalist Bessie Granga of ecuavisaEcuadorean migrants crossing the Darien River indicated that one of the reasons for leaving Ecuador and traveling with their entire families, including children and adolescents, is the constant extortion they are subjected to by members of criminal gangs who demand money in exchange for security and peace. . The charges, which are commonly known as “VaccinesIt can start at US$1 per day and go up to hundreds or thousands of dollars. Those who do not pay receive retribution that includes destroying businesses and killing them or their families, among other types of torture.

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