The Pope: Saint Teresa Avila knew how to transfer Heaven to Earth


The example of Saint Teresa of Jesus is not only for those who feel a vocation to religious life, but “for all who wish to advance on the path of purification of the whole world”: Thus, Pope Francis, in his message addressed to the International Conference refers to an “exceptional woman” marking the 50th anniversary of Doctor of Saint Avila, to the wandering Santa who affirms that “her presence as a friend, companion and guide in our earthly pilgrimage gives security and tranquility in the soul.”

“It is nice to remember that all the mysterious blessings she received took her to Heaven; but she knew how to transfer Heaven to Earth, and make her life a dwelling place for God in which everyone has a place”: These are the words of Pope Francis referring to Saint Teresa de Jesus in a letter addressed to the Bishop of Avila Monsignor José María Gil Tamayo, with whom I spoke to the participants of the international conference that will be held from April 12 to Thursday April 15 at the Catholic Church of Santa Teresa of Jess de Avila University in Spain, marking the 50th anniversary of the Doctor of Saint from Avila. The feast of Saint Joseph was signed and followed at the opening of the conference. Peter’s successor covers the figure of Saint Avila, who received from Saint Paul VI on September 27, 1970 the title of Doctor of the Church, being the first woman to attain the title, as the Holy Father writes, “It recognizes the precious educational authority that God gave it to us in his writings and in the testimony of his life. ”

A flame that continues to brighten

In the words of Paul VI, Francis recalls the exceptional nature of this woman, whose courage, intelligence and perseverance, with which he united “a sensitivity to beauty and spiritual motherhood towards all who approached her work,” “is an excellent example of the exceptional role that women have played throughout history in the Church and society.”

Despite the five centuries that separate us from his earthly existence, as the pontiff says, the flame that Jesus lit in Teresa still shines in this world always in need of brave witnesses, able to break any wall, be it material, existential or cultural . .

An example of someone who wants to advance in cleansing

The Holy Father affirms that Saint Teresa “continues to speak to us today through her writings”. Her message is open to everyone, he says, even when we know her and contemplate her, we allow ourselves to be seduced by her beauty. The word and the truth of its content. The desire to progress along the path of perfection may be born.

Her presence as a friend, companion and guide on the earthly Hajj gives us security and calm in spirit. His example is not only for our brothers and sisters who feel the call to religious life, but for all who wish to advance on the path of purification of the whole world, which leads to engagement with God, to the lavish palaces. From the castle. From the inside.

Santa Teresa knew how to transport Heaven to Earth

He encourages all members of that particular church, organizers and conference participants to continue to deepen the Saint’s message from Avila, writes:

It is nice to remember that all the mystical blessings she received took her to Heaven. But she knew how to transfer heaven to earth, and make her life a dwelling place for God in which everyone has a place. So that our society becomes increasingly human, and we can all live in fraternity that comes from the same father, it is a complete program to listen to his call to “enter into ourselves” to meet the Lord, and thus we testify that “only God is sufficient.”

Dedication of Saint Teresa to Saint Joseph

Finally, he says goodbye, reminding Saint Teresa of the great devotion to Saint Joseph, who was “taken by the Holy Lady Walker as a teacher, lawyer and intercessor”: “She entrusted herself to him, – remember the Pope – and she is sure that he will receive it. The blessings that she asked him about. From his experience he encouraged. Others did the same, and to the extent of her dedication, on the occasion of her founding, she toured the lands of Castile and Andalusia, accompanied by the image of Saint Joseph.

“The saints are always hand in hand, and they support us with the confidence placed in their intercession. May they intercede for you.”

The message was signed in the Basilica of Saint John Lateran, on March 19, 2021, on the feast of Saint Joseph, the patron saint of the universal Church.

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