Music made by spiders. Experts recreate sound from cobwebs


Have you ever wondered how an Music made by a spider. The researchers analyzed the signals produced by these arthropods and reconstructed the sounds with the help of computers as well as mathematical algorithms.

To achieve Music for spiders, A group of experts from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) created various 3D models of cobwebs. Then they analyzed the vibrations emitted by the arthropods and Recreate sounds.

During the sonication process, he attached musical notes to all the movements of the spider, resulting in melodies, harmonies, rhythms and strings, that is, Music made by spiders.

Unlike other animals, The world of spiders is inaudible to the human earSo artificial intelligence was used to interpret the spiders’ sounds.

We know that, of course Spider themThey use vibrations as a way to communicate with the environment. So this led us to think that maybe we could literally use it as a tool, ”explained an engineering professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Marcus Buller.

“If you think of a bird, some people can mimic its voice. This is something you can learn because they speak in the same frequency band and have the same type of auditory information,” Boehler said.

During the sonication process, musical notes were attached to each of the spider’s movements. Photo: Reuters

The music that spiders make can help experts understand their world

The MIT professor said that by listening to the musical arrangements, you are experiencing “the kind of relationships that a spider is going through as well.” This allows scientists to understand these animals, he added.

He noted that he and his team are also investigating whether A music ax by spiders It could allow humans to understand their language to communicate with them one day.

Cobwebs are stronger than steel

Beyond Music made by spidersScientists say Spider web silk is five times stronger than steel.

“We can imagine creating an artificial system that mimics what a spider does when it repairs the web. Then future constructions or structures could have something of that mechanism,” he concluded.

There’s more 47 thousand species of spiders And all of them weave nets for their stay and food.

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