A boat capsizes, leaving at least one dead and 12 missing in Louisiana waters

The US Coast Guard came to help the people who were on a plane Boat That flipped in the water Louisiana. Photo: @USCGHeartland.

The United States Coast Guard (USCG) reported at least one person killed and 12 missing on Wednesday, after A. Boat Commercial capsized in southern waters Louisiana, And unleash emergency intervention Who managed to save six of the crewAccording to the Rescue Corps.

Since the state of emergency USCG and various private ships They are looking for more survivors Seacor strength, a Boat A cargo ship about 40 meters long and capsized during a storm near Port Fortune, about 100 miles south of New Orleans. there was 19 people travel in this transport Nautical.

  • When you are in trouble, then Boat Seek help from coastal authorities
  • The body of the deceased floated on a water surface Louisiana

Will Watson, Captain of USCG, said about Boat Crashed in Louisiana:

“Unfortunately, We recovered a body in Surface of the water. We continue to search for the rest of the crew. We are deploying, in the region, the resources available to assist in the rescue mission. “

  • The Boat Provides service to oil platforms
  • The search for survivors continues in the area

“My heart and my heart Our collective team Will Watson said. Winds with some hail and thunderstorms are expected to continue in the southeast LouisianaAccording to the National Weather Service. a The flood warning is in effect Until Thursday morning.

The Globalism The hills They are also called Jack BarkazzaIt has extendable legs 76 meters; Often used by energy companies in the Louisiana For various offshore construction projects, or for servicing oil platforms. The Boat it’s a Properties Secure Marine, Business Transportation from Texas.

A USCG spokesperson stated in a letter to the media:

“they were Sad over the news of the coup From BoatAnd there’s a tight work in between USCG And local authorities to support rescue efforts to find valuable members of our team (in the Louisiana). Our Hearts and prayers with They are all involved. “

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