Eagle joins drone flight. You won’t believe the result: video


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In social networks, we can find videos of all kinds, and that goes From the most impressive to the funniestAnd animals in nature are often the protagonists of many of those amazing moments. This is the case of A. Huge eagle captured the moment he began flying alongside a drone.

The Amazing Photos They were caught in the mountains outside of Springville, Utah, USA, as the animal and electronic device began to fly over the snow-covered peaks.

Clark Checkets was the one who recorded the surprising scene on February 14th, when a small golden eagle appeared near the drone. After sharing the amazing photos, they quickly went viral and here’s why.

In the video, we can see the drone and the Eagle, which kept flying close to each other for a few minutes, giving Clark the opportunity to take unique photos.

This isn’t the first time a flying photographer has captured an eagle from the perspective of a drone. There were times when the birds weren’t as peaceful as the ones Clark encountered in Utah, causing the plane to crash after an attack.

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