“The power of sport to give hope has even more meaning this year.”

“The power of sport to give hope has even more meaning this year.”

head International Olympic Committee (IOC), Thomas BachHe stressed that “the power of sport in sending a message of hope and optimism is gaining more importance in the field of sports.” “Olympic Day”which is celebrated on this date.

In his congratulatory remarks to celebrate the founding day of the International Olympic Committee in 1894, Bach spoke of its special importance when “the whole world faces the same struggles and fears” and highlighted the role that sport plays.

“When athletes from around the world and the IOC refugee team finally meet at the 2020 Games, they are postponed On July 23, they will send a powerful message from Tokyo to the world: the powerful message of peace, solidarity and resilience“, pointed out.

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The Olympic Day, which commemorates the founding of the International Olympic Committee, aims to celebrate the joy of sport and also remember the creation of the modern Olympic movement, founded by Pierre de Coubertin, the first president of the International Olympic Committee.

This date was first celebrated on June 23, 1948 by nine National Olympic Committees – Austria, Belgium, Canada, Great Britain, Greece, Portugal, Switzerland, Uruguay and Venezuela – with various celebrations in their countries. Since 1987 it has been celebrated all over the world.

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