The Socialist Equality Party requests the refusal of protection against La Escuela Nuestra

The Socialist Equality Party requests the refusal of protection against La Escuela Nuestra

The Department of Public Education (SEP) has requested that the judicial protection that the PRD promoted against the program be denied school is us (LEEN), which sought to avoid canceling a file Full time schools.

However, the agency considered that by changing the work rules to provide nutritional support and increasing the hours of school days, legal treatment is no longer appropriate.

“The SEP reiterates that, by decision of the President of the Republic, Andres Manuel López Obrador, the above-mentioned benefits are not only preserved, but will be expanded to include a greater number of schools as of 2023, so that LEEN will move from service 27 thousand to 113 thousand schools, and increase The number of beneficiaries from 3.6 million students to nearly 9 million.” release.

Meanwhile, PRD members went to the central offices of the Socialist Equality Party, where they celebrated the court ruling in his favour.

In 2022, schools that benefit from the La Escuela Es Nuestra program will receive financial support so that children can have food at school without having to extend the school day from six to eight hours.

This was announced by the Ministry of Public Education (SEP). After modifying the rules of operation of the program Through which it seeks to replace the general policy of full-time schools, which was canceled for this year 2022.

On April 28, in the evening edition of the Official Gazette of the Federation (DOF), the SEP announced the approval to amend the operating rules for the Escuela Es Nuestra program and, in addition to contemplating improving the conditions for physical infrastructure, educational equipment and materials on campus, will now set an expanded schedule ranging Between six and eight hours a day, plus food service.

Public schools of primary, pre-school, primary and secondary education with their various modalities, and multiple care centres, may be beneficiaries.

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