The specialized mission proposes to the Colombian government to cancel the visa to help revitalize the economy


On Monday, August 9, the results of the Internationalization Mission, an initiative called for by the national government, were presented. The panel, chaired by Professor Ricardo Hausmann, Director of the Center for International Development, specified that if a country is to pursue economic revitalization, it must be supported by the empowerment of areas such as individuals, businesses and trade in goods, services and technology. Improvement, institutions, employment and taking advantage of opportunities.

In front of the report, President Evan Duque noted that “the recommendations of this mission should relate not only to pre-pandemic standards but also how to apply them in the context of the pandemic and in what is to come” and added, “This new tool will allow us to continue to progress towards achieving the goals of our development plan.” We will reach August 7, 2022 with more than 85% of our development plan implemented, with measurable indicators, and this will place us in the National Development Plan with the highest level of implementation in the history of Colombia“.

Among the sections of the document is the need to bridge the technological gap with the world, to attract the knowledge of those who come from other countries, of national and foreign origin. Therefore, the Mission proposes to issue residence visas to foreign nationals with postgraduate degrees that generate competitive advantages for Colombia. In addition to eliminating visa requirements for visitors, save a list of countries with specific risks.

In addition to the above, about commission It is necessary to increase resources and reduce the costs of science, technology and innovation (CTeI) which have been decreasing in recent years but would meet the needs of the productive sector and progress not only in raw materials but to create an environment in which Colombia continues to explore the possibility of creating offerings of goods and services. This, because the current economy is largely based on the exploitation of hydrocarbons.

Along the same lines, another suggestion that has been made is that national companies develop corporate internationalization plans that will rely on government actions to create a conducive business environment, through increased access to extension services and the strategic use of public companies as promoters of technology adoption.

Experts also pointed out that The proposals are made due to the low Colombian participation in the international trade of services, especially in modern services (without transport and tourism), for which they asked before that to design strategies to take advantage of and promote opportunities that have not been opened. It is an opportunity to boost the economy Especially the revitalization that has faced difficulties this year, not only because of the epidemic but also because of other problems that have emerged in the country, such as rising unemployment.

In this sense, Alejandra Botero, Director of DNP, emphasized that the proposals would be tools to turn the problems that Colombia faces today into opportunities.

He noted that “the recommendations of the internationalization mission create new tools to attract foreign investment, create good job opportunities for youth, turn migration into an opportunity for development and growth, and improve international transfer of knowledge and technology.”

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