The story of the man who appeared in Africa in a national shirt

The story of the man who appeared in Africa in a national shirt

Social networks offer many atypical things, and in recent days one of the images that has gone viral in Colombia is a photo A man poses with an Atlético Nacional shirt in Kitintale, a district of Kampala in Uganda (Africa).

The person, a native of this land, was caught by Stefania Ramirez, a Spanish-Colombian teacher, who – like any “coffee farmer” – was surprised by the jersey of the Colombian team in Uganda.

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And so he undertook the task of consulting the man about the history of the shirt, considering the difficulty—almost impossibility—there, and the answer was unexpected—probably—for, contrary to what might be believed at first, It does not correspond to a gift nor is it the result of a purchase following the subject’s trip to Colombia.

Photo of the African in an Atlético Nacional shirt

Which is the one who wore the green shirt, who had no problem posing for a picture in the gown, and He uploaded to “Boxer”, commenting that the dress had been bought by him, in Rwanda (another African country), which is about 12 hours away (by car).

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Without further ado, how this man got his hands on the Atlético Nacional shirt is still curious, because on previous occasions Colombian club clothing (particularly scarves and caps) has been seen in neighboring countries, but not in one – most likely – going unnoticed. by a large part of the national population.

Perhaps, without knowing much about the history of the Nacional, this African chose the green colors and shield.

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