The technologies changing the face of the online gambling world



The online gambling sector has not changed much over the last 20 years, but a raft of new technology is starting to stir things up. As the industry grows and gets more competitive for operators, they are racing to integrate new technological developments to keep their edge. Here are just a few examples!


5G is the short name for the fifth-generation mobile telecoms technology, which succeeds previous iterations such as 3G and 4G. It started being deployed globally back in 2019, and it is hoped to have more than 1.7 billion users by 2025 as its rollout continues. As a network, it provides superior levels of bandwidth and speeds- up to 10 gigabits a second. Its increased capacity makes it prime for new technologies such as the internet of things, blockchain, and of course, a new generation of online gambling. Faster internet means better games, and that results in happier customers.

When you visit gambling sites or play bingo games on mobile, you want the best speeds that enable easy gameplay and special features to load easily. This makes the bingo game much more enjoyable and prevents any freezing. The rollout of 5g will have a significant impact on the kinds of games available and the gambling experience.


We are all familiar with blockchain as the platform that powers cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and ether. But in 2022, blockchain has developed a life and purpose of its own. Today, blockchain technology is being used across multiple industries and verticals, with many people not even realizing they are using it. The technology can now exist without cryptocurrencies and is being used in real estate, health, education, finance, and of course, online gambling.

Due to its decentralized nature and features like smart contracts and higher levels of instability and transparency, it has found a legion of supporters. In gambling, it can provide higher levels of consumer trust by registering all transactions on it. Additionally, the fairness of games can be decided and logged by the blockchain through the concept of provably fair. Blockchain technology has a lot of potential for the gambling sector, both for players and operators.


In layman’s terms, the Metaverse is an online, digital realm where the internet exists in 3D and even 4D. It brings together online platforms and creates a virtual and augmented reality of them where users can interact in digital and pixelated environments. Instead of navigating the internet via a browser, users will be able to visit them in a digital format, using an avatar to represent them.

The Metaverse is being heralded as an advancement on the scale of the internet several decades ago. In terms of gambling, players will be able to create an avatar and visit online gambling sites that will appear as real casinos. They will benefit from a fully immersive experience and will be able to interact with croupiers and other users as they would in ‘real’ life.

The world of technology is moving faster than ever as more and more people get online. Therefore, we will likely see many more exciting developments over the next few years.

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