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The newly appointed Colombian Ambassador to the United States, Luis Gilberto Murillo says he Free Trade Agreement with the United States You have to check it“To respond to”new challengesFrom both countries.

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In an interview with Gustavo Petro, who will take office on August 7 as Colombia’s first left-wing leader, Murillo said he ordered his team to rethink relations with the United States. radius W

It is necessary to have a new vision“, pointed out.

The Petro government has three primary issues with the United States, Murillo added.

“The first is complete peace building, the second is related to climate change and the third is migration and integration,” he said.

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The Petro administration wants to review the decade-old US-Colombia trade deal, but Murillo did not say what changes he might seek. Colombian government.

The agreement provides for the removal of tariffs and the removal of barriers to American services, including financial services.

during his campaign, Petro promised to review the FTA, who blamed him for the impoverishment of Colombian farmers.

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Petro, Murillo, and the Assigned Foreign Minister Alvaro Leiva On Friday, they met with officials from the Biden administration in Colombia to discuss issues such as peace, climate change, immigration and security.

Colombia is a key and crucial ally of the United StatesSaid the US delegation before the trip.

Once Petro takes over the presidency, it is expected that The country’s volatile border with Venezuela.

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