The UFABC project that teaches science to girls for free has open enrollment

The UFABC project that teaches science to girls for free has open enrollment

The project girl flag, of the Federal University of ABC (UFABC), has registrations open for the upcoming edition. The idea, which provides free science education to teenagers, aims to contribute to the dismantling of gender stereotypes and the expansion of representation and opportunities in the region.

The third edition of the course will contain chapters on biology, astronomy, chemistry, mathematics, physics, oceanography, education, history of science and philosophy.

Since it is online, girls from anywhere in the world can participate. In total, there are 150 places planned to follow the course between September 8 and October 16, targeting students in the second grade of primary school (6th to 9th grade). Among the novelties this year is the opening of continuous training opportunities for primary school teachers, with 50 vacancies available.

Students can register through from this model Until August 29, teachers Who is this Until the first of September.

The first version of the program trained 50 girls; The second, which was already in virtual form, reached 120 girls. During the courses, in addition to classes and talks, the girls were able to meet great scientists, do activities in the laboratories and learn about other projects, such as Donas da Rua, by Mauricio de Sousa Produces, a partner in the project.

According to Maria Ines Rodriguez, event coordinator, launches are always great. “In the first meeting we asked them to draw a scientist and we basically created a man in the lab. In the end, we asked them to do the same and then think of themselves as astronauts, biologists and even mathematicians.”

No Gizmodo BrazilIndeed, we have already highlighted the importance of female participation in science and its continuous development. Catherine Johnson, Marie Curie, and Jacqueline Joyce de Jesus, for example, are code names that changed the course of our history.

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