The Ukrainian couple receives and after 10 days he decides to leave his family

The Ukrainian couple receives and after 10 days he decides to leave his family

at United kingdomA man left his girlfriend to a refugee he had just met. The New York Post reported that the Briton was in 10 years of relationship He decided to leave with a young woman who had been living in his house for only 10 days. The Ukrainian couple greeted at their home in Bradford, West York, England.

“We plan the rest of our lives together,” Tony Garnett, a 29-year-old security guard and father of two said of love at first sight after meeting 22-year-old Sophia Karkadem.

“As soon as I saw it, I loved it,” Karkadem told The Sun. “She was so quick, but this is our love story. I know people will think badly of me, but it happens. I could see how unhappy Tony was.”

Karkadym, originally from the eastern Ukrainian city of Lviv, lived with Garnett and his girlfriend Lorna in early May after Garnett met Karkadym on Facebook. “We’re sorry for the pain we’ve caused, but I discovered a relationship with Sophia like never before,” Garnett said.

The relationship began to fall apart from the moment Carcadim stayed and Lorna began to recover.”Very jealous“It was very tense and Sophia told me she didn’t know if she could continue to live with us under these conditions,” Garnett said.

Tony explained: “It was clear from the start that Sophia and I had clicked. I speak a bit of Slovak and it is no different from Ukrainian, so I was able to understand myself in their language.”

Tony said his girlfriend was “starting to get really jealous and was having a big argument with Sophia, and he asked her why she was with me all the time and ‘why are you following him? “The mood was really bad and Sophia told me she didn’t know if she could continue to live with us under these conditions.

“If you leave, I’ll leave”

Lorna has never been so excited about getting refugee in our house Because it meant the girls had to move into one room.

Lorna told the man he had to decide and he did. Tony recalls, “I told Lorna, ‘If you go, I’ll go.’ He knew he couldn’t let go of her, and suddenly it seemed like a no-brainer.”

“We packed our bags and moved to my parents’ house,” Garnett said. He added that the happy couple has already begun Find an apartment. A person close to Lorna said she was “broken”.

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Tony told The Sun that his idea for refugee assistance It started with “a simple desire of me to do the right thing and to put a roof over the head of a person in need, man or woman (…) I wanted to do the right thing and she was the first person to contact me after I joined the Facebook groups of people wanting to host refugees.”

He said: “My grandfather fled Russia to start a new life in the UK 60 years ago, and without the help of others he would never have been able to start a new life (…) If we were invaded, we would have expected the rest of the world to step in to help us. That’s all I wanted to do But things took an unexpected turn.

“She was with Tony for 10 years and within 10 days her family was torn apart,” said a person close to Lorna.

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