They keep a private vehicle and send puppies to spend a vacation in Japan

They keep a private vehicle and send puppies to spend a vacation in Japan
Puppies traveling by train in Japan
The puppies were well deserved leave. Image: AFP / TwitterAFP

The puppies who travel by train in Japan They usually have to do this in their own transport cage. However, on Saturday, May 21, they had the opportunity Take your time And enjoy the scenery in a car exclusively dedicated to them at A very fast train.

At Ueno station TokyoBoarded 21 passengers with four legs and noses wet car Shinkansen special trip for one hour with their owners to Karuizawa Resort.

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“We enjoyed it,” confirms for France Press agency Yukari Sino, 48 years old, caresses her Chihuahua Seven-month-old Chubby is comfortably seated on her lap.

“I have traveled a lot together, but I felt bad about forced to put it in a cage.”

Yukari Cino, a friend Chobi human.

“It looks as if we were at home. I’m happy because I can ride the train without worrying about it.”

Yoko Okubo, train crew.

Among the puppies from Japan set out to open these “dog feasts” suggested by the group Japan Railway (JR), there was a small dog long hair, fox terrier, and Sheba gay Boznin Mudbptin.

JR East and its subsidiary JR East Start Up Organization of this pilot project, which contains a complete vehicle.

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An unusual project will continue for dogs in Japan

Dogs are allowed on board the Shinkansen but must remain enclosed in the carriage and weight cage, including the cage, It must not exceed 10 kg.

The promoters of the project wants to organize other trips for dogs, explains the company’s sub-manager, Shino Furukawa: “We have received many requests from customers who want to spend a relaxing time with their dogs on board the train,” continues.

“We want to create an environment that allows people to be in harmony with their pets, who are part of the family. It is a huge step forward so that there will be transportation specifically that welcome animals.”

Representative Shino Furukawa

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Japan is famous for its trains are clean and the biggest challenge is to maintain this cleanliness. Good reputationHe insists.

The staff covered all seats with plastic and installed four air purifiers in the car, which will be thoroughly cleaned after the trip to remove the slightest trace of dog hair.

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