Monkeypox: Dr. Macias links the disease to the LGBT party of 80,000 people | News from Mexico

Monkeypox: Dr. Macias links the disease to the LGBT party of 80,000 people |  News from Mexico

Mexico City: In recent weeks, a disease unrelated to Covid-19 has alarmed residents around the world, With several cases detected in Europe and North America.

It is about extension monkey pox or “Orthopoxa virus”, A disease that originated in Africa and its pathogen can be transmitted from animals to humans and vice versawhose symptoms last between 14 and 21 days.

Given this, the Dr. Alejandro Macias Talk about the possible origin of the current disease, He linked her to a party of 80,000 people from the LGBT community in the Canary Islands, Spain.

He noted that the aforementioned party may be the beginning of the outbreak, With the scattering to other countries, explaining that some cases from Madrid were at the party, as well as three men of Italian origin.

Possible air transfer

According to Spanish media, the celebration being investigated is the gay pride of the town Maspalomaheld from 5 to 15 May in southern Gran Canaria. However, the island government’s Ministry of Health stated that only one of the two officially detected cases was in the said festival.

In one of his posts on the subject, he said that although it appears that most cases of monkeypox have been transmitted by direct contact, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Warning of the possibility of transmission by air.

thus, It is recommended to ventilate indoors and wear face masks indoors to avoid possible infection.

What is known about monkeypox?

According to data from Harvard universityAnd There are more than 140 confirmed cases in at least 14 countries Monkeypox is not usually expected.

It is located around a An unusual and unprecedented outbreak completely surprised scientists They are disease specialists and are always a concern when the virus changes its behaviour.

The virus is now out of its usual home and working hard to spread, requiring long, close contact to reproduce. Therefore, seizures tend to be small and go away on their own.

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