Biden tops the list of Americans sanctioned by Russia

Biden tops the list of Americans sanctioned by Russia
Biden tops the list of Americans sanctioned by Russia
Biden tops the list of Americans sanctioned by Russia. Photo: Agence France-Presse

president Joe Biden heads List of 963 Americans sanctioned by Moscow across the Russian Foreign MinistryIn response to the sanctions it took Washington Since the attack in Ukraine. Among the penalties, they were prevented from entering their lands.

this week, Joe Biden enacted in a law $40 billion aid package to Ukraineapproved by the Republican and Democratic parties in Congress. Part of the package is for Ukraine to get armored vehicles and strengthen its air defense system.

What are the American figures that Russia punished?

In addition to Bidenis among the characters he approved Russia They are Secretary of State Anthony Blinken. Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin. dead head Mark Zuckerberg Even the actor Morgan FreemanHe is accused of recording a video in 2017 in which he alleges that Russia was carrying out a “conspiracy” against the United States.

Meet your son too Robert Hunter Biden; Republican Senator, Lindsey Graham from South Carolina; Undersecretary of the Treasury Adewale Adeyemoa former advisor to Obama Valerie Jarrett.

In the list of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Russia including judges and prosecutors, FBI agentsbusiness men , Government officials, members of the US Parliament, and members of civil society.

What prompts Russia to implement these sanctions?

“The Russian sanctions It is necessary and intended to force the American power, which is trying to impose a neo-colonial world order on the rest of the planet, to change its position and recognize the new geopolitical realities.”

Ministry of Foreign Affairs b Russia

The Diplomatic dependency To confirm Russia Remains open to “honest dialogue” and distinguishes the American people from the authorities “Inciting fear of Russia”.

from attack in UkraineThe Russian diplomacy Hundreds of Anglo-Saxon dignitaries were denied entry to their lands. On Saturday, he announced similar measures against 26 Canadians, including Sophie Trudeau, the wife of the Canadian prime minister.

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