The United States broke a record in hospitals due to Covid-19, with more than 145,000

The United States broke a record in hospitals due to Covid-19, with more than 145,000

Washington. – United State This Tuesday broke a new record for hospitalization for COVID-19, with more than 145,000 people admitted to health centers, according to data from the Department of Health and Human Services (HSS, in English).

In total, there are 145 thousand 982 patients in hospitals in the country covid-19, Of them 4 thousand 462 minors.

The number exceeds 142 thousand 273 patients COVID-19 It was accepted on January 14, 2021, the highest number recorded so far since the start of the pandemic.

This record in hospitals coincides with the expansion of Omicron variable, which is already dominant in United State.

At the same time, the country’s hospitals are facing staff shortages due to the infection of several health workers.

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam declared a partial state of emergency on Monday after the number of ICU admissions doubled since Dec.

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Northham’s order allows hospitals to increase beds and gives more flexibility in managing staff, as well as expanding healthcare online.

In Texas, about 2,700 health professionals will be hired and trained to strengthen hospitals, and they will join 1,300 reserve workers sent to centers across the state, CNN said, citing a statement from the state Department of Health.

Meanwhile, Colorado has activated a series of measures to address the health worker crisis, such as not transferring patients under the age of 60 to hospitals who do not have serious symptoms and do not have a history of high risk.


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