Several countries close their borders with Mali, recall their ambassadors, and freeze the assets of that country in their banks: what is happening?



12 one 2022 03:30 GMT

These measures come in response to the announcement by the interim government of Mali, which intends to postpone the presidential elections until 2026, tentatively scheduled for February 2022.

Last weekend, the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS, or ECOWAS in English) announced new sanctions against Mali, as the interim government decided to postpone the promised elections for several years after the coup in 2020.

Other Presidents and High Representatives of the Member States of the Organization they met On January 9 and decided Close its land and air borders with MaliSuspension of financial aid and all commercial and financial transactions with that country – except for essential transactions related to food, medicine, oil and electricity – as well as Freezing the assets of the financial authorities In the banks of the Economic Community of West African States. Meanwhile, they announced that they would invite the ambassadors of Bamako to meet for consultation.

Members of this economic community made it clear that they took such measures after the Malian authorities set a new date for the presidential elections, which were scheduled for February 2022, to hold elections in 2026.

In a statement, the organization highlighted the description of the proposed date as “totally unacceptable”, and said that this “simply means that the illegitimate transitional military government You will hold the Malian people hostage for the next five years.”

The document said that the procedures would only be phased out when “an acceptable deadline for the elections expires and progress is made in their implementation.”

The position of the interim government of Mali

Meanwhile, the interim financial authorities argued that the elections could not be held within the pre-set deadline due to a deteriorating security situation in the country. In addition, they stressed the necessity of drafting a new constitution and submitting it to a referendum before holding the presidential elections.

The man who organized two coups in less than a year takes power in Mali: what is happening and what are the consequences?

The interim Malian president, Asimi Gueta, announced on Monday that the sanctions announced by the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) have a “Illegal, illegal and inhumane character”Although he stressed that his government “remains open to dialogue” with the organization. “Our commitment to return to a normal, peaceful and secure constitutional order has never wavered. We once again ask ECOWAS to conduct an in-depth analysis of our situation, with the interests of the Malian people in mind, above other considerations.” This came during a speech on state television.

The interim leader also said that “there are concerns about the consequences” of the actions taken by this entity. “I assure everyone of that We are taking action to meet this challenge‘, he confirmed.

Asim Guetta, the country’s special forces commander, was one of the crucial figures in the overthrow of then-President Boubacar Ibrahim Keita in 2020. The coup began a transitional period, during which Event A new shift in power. In May 2021, Goeta led another coup that put power in his hands.

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