The United States can report 1 million cases a day of omicron


Francis Collins, Outgoing Director of the National Institutes of Health United State, This Sunday said that daily cases COVID-19 with the variable omicron can reach Million of cases the new the day.

Collins will retire after spending more than 12 years as a manager, but pre-retirement concerns remain about the latest statistics from pandemic.

“I know people are sick of this,” Collins said, acknowledging the desperation the American people are experiencing two years after the pandemic.

“I’m tired too, believe me. But virus He never tires of us. She spends a great time changing her look every two months, creating a new one Variables And discover ways to achieve more Contagious”, He expressed.

with the boom omicron And how difficult it is fight it, “It is as if we are starting over with a different virus than the one we started,” Francis said.

Omicron processor trials begin

Finally, Collins explained how dangerous the omicron variant is.

“Even if you have danger gravity Slightly less, we could have a million cases per day if we weren’t really interested in all the mitigation strategies.”

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