The United States celebrates the birthday of Trinidad and Tobago


Selection United State On Sunday he made a full bid to score by defeating Trinidad and Tobago In a friendly match, the two teams started their journey in 2021.

The match, which was held at Exploria Stadium in Orlando (Florida), lacked any interest in football and became just a training session for the United States team who was outperforming in every aspect of the game against an opponent, and everything was missing, including field placement.

The best evidence of this lack of coordination came when the first goal came in the second minute through the mediation of young Jonathan Lewis, who will be alongside veteran Paul Areola and Colombian American Jesus Ferreira, the authors of “My Husband.”

Ferreira, from FC Dallas, in his second participation with the Stars and Stripes team, scored 2-0 in the 9th minute and concluded the victory with his second crew in 62, in addition to being one of the most prominent personalities and champions.

While Areola scored the third and fourth goals in the 22nd and 41st minutes, respectively, of the first half of defender Miles Robinson with a header in the 52nd minute to seal a 5-0 victory.

The United States, led by coach Greg Berhalter, shot 19 shots on target with 12 shots on target, and goalkeeper Adrian Fonsett defended them, just two ahead of Trinidad and Tobago, one from a penalty Alvin Jones missed.

Rising bars and stars goalkeeper Matt Turner of New England Revolution, intent Jones and stopped his right-footed shot from low in the second half.

A new opportunity for youth, from which the team competing in the Olympics will come

Berhalter, who has used only active players in the US Professional Soccer League (MLS), has once again given an opportunity to the young talent through which the team competes in the pre-Olympic CONCACAF tournament, in which Guadalajara is set to play Mexico next March.

Among them was the young Colombian-American Andres Beria, from Orlando City, 20, who made his debut with Team USA, and who chose to play a major role after reaching the lower ranks with the national coffee team.

George Bello (USA) and Alvin Jones fight the ball

The win, the largest the United States has achieved in dueling against Trinidad and Tobago, also allowed them to maintain dominance between the two teams with a 20-4-3 aggregate score since 1982.

The last time the two teams met was in the group stage of the 2019 Gold Cup, where the United States also won by a landslide 6-0 victory.

Sunday’s game was the first US friendly with Trinidad and Tobago since 1994 and the fifth ever.

The USA, which has never lost a home run to the Soka Warriors, now has 53 goals against only 13 against.

7 – United States: Matt Turner; Aaron Herrera (M78, Tanner Tesman), Aaron Long, Miles Robinson, Sam Vines (M64, George Bellew); Klein Acosta, Jackson Yoel (AD 64, Christian Roldan), Sebastian Leggett (AD 46, Andres Beria); Paul Areola (AD 65, Daryl Dyck), Jesus Ferreira (AD 64, Chris Muller) and Jonathan Lewis.

Director: Greg Berhalter

0 – Trinidad and Tobago: Adrian Fonsett; Fedérico Peña (m 58, Duane Muckette), Josiah Trimmingham (m.64, Justin García), Leland Archer, Jamal Jack (m.82, Noah’s powder); Alvin Jones, Ajani Fortune (M56, Neville Hackshaw), Andre Fortune (M58, Michelle Boone Angeron; Gabari Mitchell, Sean Bonval (M56, Matthew Wu Ling) and Ryan Telfer

Director: Denise Lawrence

Jules: 1-0, Jonathan Lewis (m 2); 2-0, Jesus Ferreira (M9); 3-0, Paul Areola (m. 22); 4-0, Paul Areola (M 41); 5-0, Miles Robinson (M52); 6-0, Jonathan Lewis (m 55); 7-0, Jesus Ferreira (62 m)

Referee: Said Martinez (Honduras). Gabari Mitchell (M53) and Matthew Wu Ling (M78) from Trinidad and Tobago showed a yellow card.

Accidents: The first friendly match to prepare for international competitions in which the two teams will participate in 2021, was held at Exploria Stadium, Orlando (Florida), before 3,500 fans were allowed entry.

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