The United States expels 200 soldiers who refused to be vaccinated


Despite the increase in infections due to the omicron variant, there are still many people who are resistant to vaccines against COVID-19 in the United States, not only among the civilian population, but also in the military. according to Axios206 Marines were fired for refusing to vaccinate.

On December 21, the US Department of Defense warned that serving military personnel must be vaccinated or “face the consequences”. According to the agency, 98 percent of its forces have already been vaccinated, but there are still small remnants of soldiers and personnel who refuse to do so.

The consequences of not being vaccinated range from not being able to continue their training to suspension of their payments and even dismissal.

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According to the Axios report, there are more than 3,200 requests for exemptions from vaccination on religious grounds, although none have been approved.

Soldiers who refused to receive a vaccine defend themselves Considering it a kind of political purge led by President Joe Biden. In an anonymous chat with Fox News, soldiers of various ranks asserted that forcing them to be vaccinated was unconstitutional and that it led to the loss of good soldiers.

For them, the problem is that with regard to vaccines, “everyone has the right to an opinion except for the military, because we are not authorized to oppose our leaders.”

Either way, it looks like these allegations by the rebel army will fall on deaf ears, as the US Department of Defense has so far been unaffected by those who disobey vaccination orders.

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