The United States has cut unemployment to its lowest level during the pandemic


The US economy is progressing in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic. The unemployment rate decreased during July 2021 to 5.4%. It is the lowest level since the start of the health emergency. Last month, 943,000 jobs were restored, according to data from the Labor Department.

The number exceeded expectations and appears to be the biggest recovery in employment since mid-2020. Experts see the risks of this growth slowed down due to expansion of the delta variable. In the United States, some regions are evaluating the reimposition of some restrictions due to a rise in infections.

The reopening of schools and the return to services have encouraged the recovery of jobs. Hotels and restaurants added 327,000 jobs Of work, public schools added 221,000. Both sectors account for more than half of those created.

US President Joe Biden commented:We’ll have ups and downs along the way While cases of coronavirus infection continue to increase.” In parallel, employers complain that it is difficult to find workers who are willing to accept their working conditions.

Country Reportedly, the Democratic governor was direct to respond to the allegations: “My advice to employers who say they can’t find workers? Get paid more!”. In July, the salary was up 4% compared to the previous year. Virus shutdown destroyed more than 22 million jobs In March and April last year in the United States.

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