The United States hopes that the investigation into corruption cases in Venezuela will be “transparent, thorough and independent.”

The United States hopes that the investigation into corruption cases in Venezuela will be “transparent, thorough and independent.”
John Kirby, a White House spokesperson, said Joe Biden’s government supports corruption investigations in Venezuela (REUTERS/Evelyn Hochstein)

Government United State prompt the system Nicolas Maduro To conduct a “transparent”, “in-depth”, and “independent” investigation into Corruption issues Within the General Administration, which focuses specifically on the state oil company, PDVSA.

“We support efforts to eradicate corruption, including in Venezuela, and we will continue to monitor the situation as it evolves,” he told a news conference. John Kirbya White House spokesperson, when asked by the agency EFE.

According to Kirby, The United States expects this investigation to be “as transparent, thorough, and independent as possible.”

“The investigation has just begun, so I guess I’m not going to classify this job before they do it, but we urge the Venezuelan authorities to do it in an accountable and transparent way and to do it in a credible way,” Kirby stressed.

Maduro announced the investigation on Monday, and authorities have since detained 19 senior officials allegedly linked to corruption.

Of those 19 individuals, only five have known identities, including the former head of the Cryptoactives watchdog (Sunacrip), Joselet Ramirezvice chavista, Hugbel RoaWhose parliamentary immunity was lifted on Tuesday, in addition to two judges and a pro-government mayor.

They confirmed that the purging of Chavista officials was due to a training period between the dictator Maduro and Tariq El Aissami (Reuters)

Also, due to investigations within the state oil company PDVSA, the Minister of Petroleum to date, Tariq El AissamiHe resigned this week, with the aim of supporting that process, according to what he said himself.

Maduro accepted El Aissami’s resignation and on Tuesday was appointed president of the PDVSA, Pedro Teleciaas the new head of oil.

Although public statements, Purging Chavista officials responds to Fierce internal between Maduro and El AissamiOne of the most powerful men in the system.

For its part, the Venezuelan opposition belonging to the “United Platform” rejected, on Wednesday, the recently discovered acts of corruption within Chavismo, but held Maduro directly responsible, accusing it of “plundering” the country’s resources.

“From the united platform, and with the vast majority of Venezuelans, we reject this new misappropriation by Nicolás Maduro, alongside him, of resources belonging to Venezuelans,” the coalition said in a statement issued via Twitter.

Nicolás Maduro appointed Pedro Tellcia as the new Minister of Oil after the resignation of Tarek El Aissami

The letter continues that the reported acts of corruption are “the result of the systematic destruction of the rule of law and its institutions, which currently serve the Maduro regime and use it to persecute those who suit them.”

But Maduro repeated this Wednesday that his government will confront corruption with a “firm stance”. The Bolivarian Revolution confronts corruption with a firm and strong stance. “It is a constant struggle to defend Bolivarian morality,” he said in a message he posted on his Twitter account.

One of the strong figures in Chavismo who spoke about it was God gave poetry – Vice-President of the ruling United Socialist Party of Venezuela, who admitted, without referring to El Aissami, that “many end up betraying the revolution simply because enough has already been stolen.”

(with information from EFE)

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