The United States is increasingly Guadalupano

The United States is increasingly Guadalupano

Miami. – day Virgin of Guadalupe It is a national religious holiday in Mexico, but over the course of two decades, the celebration has become increasingly important in the United States.

“Throughout December,” he says, “we focus especially on our mother in Guadalupe.” Globalism Spokesman for the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, California. Of course, the most important day is December 12th, when he leaves his most loving message and miraculous presence on Thelma. Saint John DiegoHe adds, pointing to the recorded photograph of Guadalupana.

says Adriana Rueda, who was born in North CarolinaShe is the daughter of Mexican parents and throughout her life has been in contact with the beliefs and traditions of Mexico.

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“I don’t remember a single year I won’t see her [a la iglesia], Although we have put a small altar in the house in the past two years: due to the epidemic, we have not been able to go out. And I can say that he gave us the miracle of not dying,” she says, moved when she recalled her parents contracting the virus, “but the Virgin of Guadalupe took care of them and gave them comfort.”

The Miracles of Guadalupan They have no limits and in the United States there are countless testimonies. “I was going to have an abortion,” Rocio Gutierrez, a Mexican-American from Los Angeles, weeps.

“But when I left my house I saw a picture my parents had at the entrance, all the time I was thinking of them. [la Guadalupana] And when I got to where I was going to do it, I cried and cried a lot and didn’t get in. Today I have a son whom I love very much and he is the most important person in my life, thanks to God and the Virgin, he is alive and we do not lack shelter or food.”

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB, for its English acronym), for more than a decade it has been agreed that the Virgin of Guadalupe will be celebrated on December 12 throughout the country, bearing in mind her patron saint of the Americas and the fetus.

“I was sick, very seriously, for several months,” says Fausto Iniguez, a Mexican in Los Angeles. “The whole time I prayed for Virgin of GuadalupeShe asked him for strength not to die, and one day she got better. Since then, I do more penance and try to be a better person, and I come to see her often to thank her for the miracle she has interceded for me and to ask her for the sick.”

The 20-year-old tradition is a transfer Guadalupan Torch From the Basilica of the Virgin in Guadalupe, in Mexico City, to New York in the United States.

Alejandro Altamirano, spokesman for the Ministry of Defense Tepeyac Association In North Carolina, he notes, in 2020 and 2021, Covid-19 severely limited participation by Guadeloupans in both countries. It is our immigrant brothers who make this journey [en ambos lados de la frontera] And at that time it was not possible to cross it. It is a joy this year that we will be able to meet again on this path and receive the light of our mother, preserving our roots,” he expresses. “This tour [de la Antorcha Guadalupana]We do this as immigrants to be thankful for the help and protection that Santa María de Guadalupe always gives us, as well as for the countless services we receive.

This race is specifically supported each year by the Tepeyac Association, a non-profit organization based in New York, but with several ramifications in the United States: about 40 community associations supporting social development and advocating for the human rights of immigrants in American Federation.

Catherine Esteves She is a Mexican immigrant living in New York and is very devoted to Guadalupana. More than that “since I saved my brother so that he might safely get to this country; he got to the border and crossed and I lost track of him for two days. I begged Virgencita to take care of him and help him,” he describes. “When I heard from my brother again, he told me that he had been lost in the mountains for a day and a half, and thought he was going to die, but he met a group [de migrantes] He joined them and thus managed to get to a safe and secure place. Catalina confirms that her brother has been saved thanks The Virgin of Guadalupe heard their faith-filled pleas.

“The United States is becoming more and more brown, like the Blessed Virgin Mary of Guadalupe,” comments a spokesman for the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, regarding the continued arrival of Latin American immigrants into the American Federation and the birth of more and more Mexican Americans, “but also and mainly, because The huge number of parishioners who pray to him and who every year add more.”

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